A key component of the POGO flexible tooling system, the POGO actuator is engineered to combine the benefits of on-board control and distributed networking with the simplicity of pneumatics.

When arranged in an array, POGO actuators are programmed to accurately replicate the shape, size and contour of the desired part. Vacuum clamping is applied to the part to be fabricated through vacuum end effectors, which are mounted on the end of POGO actuator rods.

Multiple models are available to meet a variety of application requirements and environmental conditions.


Key Features

Positioning Accuracy & Durability

  • Available in a variety of stroke lengths up to 35 inches (6-inch increments).

  • Maintains a positioning accuracy of 0.003 and a repeatability of 0.001.

  • Absolute position feedback using magnetoictive transducer eliminates need for homing.

  • Each actuator capable of handling axial loads over 1,000 lbs.

Low Maintenance

  • Internally routed wiring and plumbing.

  • Quick connect electrical and pneumatic utility interface.

  • Low voltage power requirement (24 VDC, 450 mA).

  • Fully enclosed and sealed actuator housing.

Vacuum Sensor Control

  • On-board controller in each actuator senses when vacuum has been established.

  • Operator auto-alerted in case of any errors.

User-Enabled Calibration

  • Fine-tunes actuator to compensate for slight mechanical differences, wear from normal usage and environmental conditions. 

  • Control calibration to initiate clamping, thus ensuring accuracy.



stroke length:

  • Up to 35 inches (6-inch increments)

Shaft diameter:

  • 2.0 inches


  • One-piece collet clamp

Axial load:

  • Over 1,000 lbs.

Accuracy Z-axis:

  • ±0.003" at 68-72F ambient temperature


  • ±0.001"

Position feedback:

  • Magnetoictive translucer

Power supply:

  • 24VDC, 450 mA


  • RS-485 interface

Air supply:

  • 100-120 psi operating pressure

  • Approximately 2-2.5 SCFM flow rate per actuator

  • Non-lubricated, 38F (3C) dew point

  • 50-100F ambient temperature

Vacuum supply:

  • 25-28" Hg vacuum pressure

  • Approximately 0.5 ACFM flow rate per actuator

  • 5-90% non-condensing, ambient relative humidity