Based on a distributed control architecture, the POGO flexible tooling system controller manages the configuration, operation and status of the entire flexible tooling system. The controller is capable of communicating to the individual actuators or to the entire network of actuators.

A CNC interface enables the POGO system controller to receive commands directly from the machine tool/robot controller and position the actuators to the required heights.

This state-of-the-art POGO system controller is easy-to-use, requires less power and has a fraction of the wiring and hardware of a traditional servo-based system. The controller includes CNA’s proprietary POGO flexible tooling system software.


Key Features

System Hardware

  • PC-based, SVGA color monitor.

  • RS-485 network and 24 VDC power distribution for each POGO actuator pocket.

  • NEMA 12 enclosure housing operator station and power panel.

System Software

  • Microsoft® Windows NT® operating system.

  • CNA proprietary POGO flexible tooling system software enabling automated or manual control for all operator functions, maintenance functions and error reporting. 

  • Standard suite of system commands allowing operator control of POGO actuators on individual and system level.

  • Tabbed screens for primary functions with large, system level command buttons, simple dropdown menus and a minimal number of dialog boxes.

  • Limited access to system setup parameters (e.g., units of measure, default offsets, POGO actuator parameters, etc.).

Controller- Networked

  • System controller networked to every POGO actuator pocket and manages system status and configuration.

  • Commands can be directed to individual actuators or to entire array of actuators.

Operator Feedback

  • Diagnostic information such as status, error messages and program listings provided to operator.

CNC Controller Interface

  • POGO system controller directly interfaces with CNC controller using digital I/O and serial communications.

  • Through CNC interface, user can initiate POGO system commands to setup entire program or “duck” specific actuators to allow passage of cutting tool during trimming and drilling operations.

  • Edit, maintain and manage POGO system and CNC programs together or separately.

Quick Response

  • 100-actuator program sets up in approximately 2 minutes.

  • Capable of running multiple part programs allowing simultaneous part setup and production.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

  • Minimum 10-minute capacity allowing for graceful system shutdown in event of power loss.

Analog Vacuum Controller (optional)

  • Automatic adjustment of system vacuum level via digital vacuum level and set point display.

  • Outputs low vacuum level warnings.