Located on the end of the POGO actuator rod, the vacuum end effector applies a vacuum force to clamp the part to be fabricated in place. Depending on its diameter, each end effector provides 50-100 lbs. of pull-down force. Its free-floating head easily conforms to the part's surface.

The standard end effector is designed with either a quick-change bayonet or threaded style mounting, and can be easily removed from the POGO actuator. Design modifications for specific needs are also accommodated.


Key Features

  • Pliable suction cup and free floating head for easy conformance to part surface.

  • Provides up to 100 lbs. of clamping (based on size of end effector).

  • Two standard sizes: 3.00" Ø and 4.25" Ø.

  • Filtered to prevent debris from entering vacuum system.

  • Quick-change bayonet or threaded style mount for easy removal.

  • Quick-change style adapter accommodates an assortment of custom end effectors: mechanical clamps, part indexing devices, extension arms, etc.



Clamping force:

  • Approximately 50 lbs. for 3.00" Ø

  • Approximately 100 lbs. for 4.25" Ø


  • 45°

  • Adapters for greater tilt available

Mounting style:

  • Bayonet or threaded