Agile tooling is a term we use to describe tooling solutions that employ flexible or re-configurable concepts. That is, when applying flexibility to part manufacturing and assembly, we view POGO flexible tooling system solutions as just the "tip of the iceberg." In contrast, agile tooling addresses the whole iceberg.

At CNA we feel it is critical that our tooling solutions provide our customers with the ability to change part configurations quickly and efficiently, plus allow for future part family growth. Hence in addition to POGO flexible tooling systems, we also emphasize agile tooling system solutions for fabricating and assembling parts using different manufacturing applications.

Bring us your requirements and our dedicated team will work with you to develop a successful, complete solution.


Part Types

  • Leading edges

  • Stringers

  • Ribs

  • Spars

  • Intercostals

  • Frames

  • Floor beams

  • Doors

  • Fuselage and wing assemblies


  • Milling

  • Waterjet cutting

  • Laser cutting

  • Assembly

  • Inspection

  • Forming

  • Composite lay-up and cure