CNA Flexible Tooling Systems is the designer and builder of POGO flexible tooling systems, the world's most innovative and advanced universal fixturing systems.

In today's global environment, manufacturers face immense pressure to respond to change and to have agile manufacturing capabilities. CNA's mission is to provide flexible and agile tooling solutions that will enable its customers to advance into the next century with confidence in their ability to respond to market demands.

The dedicated team at CNA works side-by-side with each customer to understand their requirements and to define and implement flexible and agile tooling solutions that will significantly improve their production capabilities while reducing manufacturing costs.

Located in Woodinville, Washington, CNA's services include consulting, POGO flexible tooling system solutions, agile tooling solutions (non-POGO system), tooling system and process development and system integration.



Formed in 1988, CNA Manufacturing Systems, Inc. specialized in the design, fabrication and installation of custom machinery and equipment.

Numerous projects of various scope entailed use of computerized control systems which include a membrane keyboard and assembly machine (Square D Company), automated tape/reel loader/feeders (Ford Motor Company), automated automotive air bag filter assembly line (Takata & Olin Corporation) and universal fixturing systems (The Boeing Company).

With several universal fixturing systems engineered, manufactured, installed and delivering substantial benefits to its customer, CNA recognized the potential and benefits this type of tooling offered major manufacturing industries.

Thus in 1994 CNA elected to redirect its focus from a custom product manufacturer to a product manufacturer of POGO flexible tooling systems. The POGO flexible tooling system is a unique technology that allows part fixturing to be as flexible and agile as the machine performing the operation.

With its focus on this system and its experience and knowledge gained, CNA has been able to develop a world-class system. CNA concentrates on lowering costs through design and manufacturing process improvements and on other benefits that accrue from increased volume production.

In 1997, CNA received a full system patent for flexible tooling using POGO actuators. Additional patents are pending.

Product refinements continue today making POGO flexible tooling systems more agile and robust for numerous applications in new and existing markets.




CNA Manufacturing Systems formed as part of CNA Companies to provide custom designed, automated manufacturing equipment.


Contracted by The Boeing Company, Commercial Airplanes Group to provide three 100+ axis, servo actuator-based, universal holding fixtures (UHF).


Incorporating "lessons learned" from servo-based UHF, designed and marketed POGO actuator using pneumatic operation and distributed control.


Successfully implemented POGO technology; delivered 1,000th patented POGO actuator.


Installed world's first "butterfly" POGO flexible tooling system.